Frequently Asked Questions

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What Does My Session Fee Cover:

Your Session Investment Covers the Following:

A personal one on one session with Santa (and Mrs Claus on select dates) in a totally live interactive experience. The sessions are scheduled once every hour. This isn’t a traditional photography session that has standard poses, but a live photojournalist documentation of the family’s interaction with Santa. We have over 15+ different interactive triggers that Santa will naturally flow through depending on the age and cooperation of the participants. Santa will read,share mile and cookies with Santa and Mrs Claus, take a look into Santa’s toy bag and sit in Santa’s sleigh and a whole lot more. While this is all happening we will be capture every moment. If there is time at the end we can do the old school staged sit in Santa’s lap photo, but this is not the focus on what the Santa Experience is all about. Its more than just a photoshoot, it’s a true experience that the family will talk about for years to come.

Also included is a 12×15 fine art print.  You get to select the image to receive Rex’s special fine art rendering techniques that elevates the image from a mere photograph to a unique piece of Santa art.  Look at our sample images to see the level of care that we put into every print.

Q: Can We Change Outfits During the Session:

The session time slot is very strict, but we do allow a total time on site of one hour. Any changing of clothing will take away from Santa time. The time slot cannot be extended based on this lost time. We recommend coming already in outfits, PJ’s etc prior to arrival and check in. If you feel that you can make a fast change, go for it.

Q: Can I Bring My Own Props:

Yes,  but keep it simple. We will try to incorporate it into the set.  If you have something specific in mind, best to call us to discuss it first.

Q: What Happens if My Child Doesn’t Cooperate:

There is no guarantees that every child is ready to see and interact with joy with Santa. We have had a very good success rate.  We will capture what is present. If there is a resistance we can not force happiness and joy on a child. We can however do a “Drop and Run” and have fun images you can show off to their first date when they are teenagers.

Q: Can I Bring Our Pet/Animal(s):

Due to allergies of other families we no longer do sessions that include pets during this event. Please call us we may be able to offer you an alternative solution.

Q: Is this Just For Children or Can Other Family Members Participate in the Session:

This is not exclusive to just children. The entire family can participate as well. Keep in mind the more people in the set the more crowded the photos and less attention on the little ones.

Q: How Old is Too Young?

We have had them as young as few weeks old.

Q: How old is too old?

If you are young at heart, still hear the sleigh bells of Santa’s sleigh,  you are always welcomed to participate